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February 1, 2010


He looks decetively happy here….but see the tear coming down his cheek? I don’t remember why he was so ticked at me, but he decided he needed to go hide in the coat closet. Being the sweet boy he is, he couldn’t help smiling a little when I tried to take his picture.
100 Photos: Number 3

sigh…..I’m not even keeping up on two pictures a week, am I?! I’ve been taking more pictures, though, just not posting them. I wish I could say it was because of my extreme embarrassment about what a poor photographer I am (tis true), but it’s really just because I have felt so lazy about blogging lately. I love reading blogs, I even like having a blog, but writing posts, not so much! There, confession time.

Anyway, it’s Stash Game time at Sewing Mamas, which means you get points for fabric sewn up and lose points for fabric bought. So I should have lots of sewing to show you. I never did post my Christmas sewing, or even completely finish the advent calendar! Once I trim the threads and add a hanger of some sort (and the last pocket!), I will finish up the tutorial. There’s always next year, right? I did order some yummy fabric lately; don’t have a pic yet, though.

Oh, and check out the new button in my sidebar! With three little boys at home, a month of boy’s sewing projects sounds cool to me!

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  1. February 8, 2010 1:14 pm

    What an absolutely precious face! He is beautiful, and you are blessed.

    oxo Judy

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