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January 11, 2010
  • This looks like a cute rainy day project. It seems like I usually don’t have the supplies for most kid’s crafts, but I do have soap! And I’m sure I could dig out something from my kid’s toy box to put inside!
  • Isn’t this a pretty room…and the before actually looks like a room that normal people would have. Decorating ideas are not very helpful when the house looks like a pallace to begin with! I think I found this either here or here. The former I have been subscribed to for some time, but latter I just found today.
  • I’m really wanting to do some re-decorating. I guess I should just make that “decorating”…..redecorating would assume some prior decorating, right? Any favorite sources of inspiration? I feel quite stupid when it comes to this sort of thing. Not to mention that I have a budget of “use-what-I-have” and “thrift store chic”. But I think it’s more fun that way, anyway.
  • This is a great read, very worthwhile signing up…seriously, unless you are so with-it, you will feel motivated. Nothing earth shattering, but still, I really liked it!
  • A fun, printable chore chart….my kid’s have been running around doing most of their chores like crazy today. Maybe that is the trick, just come up with a new and different chore chart every month or so!
  • I have a PILE of stuff to repurpose. I mean, it’s overwhelming and includes several button down shirts of mine that are too short (and too tight….sigh!). I saw this dress…so not something I would probably wear in real life, but I thought it was so cute. I was thinking about trying and knocking it off, using one of my ill-fitting shirts. You may or may not see the result!
  • Speaking of re-purposing, I thought this was so cute too…found via SewingMamas.


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