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Crafty Christmas Cards

November 16, 2009


Photo via Martha Stewart

Yes, I realize it’s not Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving. But if you want to make Christmas cards, now is a good time to start. I love Christmas and I don’t want to turn into one of those people who dread Christmas because they have way too much to do. I don’t think I’ve ever made our Christmas card. Some years I’ve done a letter, sometimes just a store-bought card, and sometimes (gasp!) nothing at all. But this year, I kind of feel like cutting and pasting and playing with paper. Some of my favorite ideas:

Pop-up cards

Sparkling Landscapes

Glittery Deer..I like the idea, but I think I would change it somehow..and yes, more glitter!

Envelope Fold Letter…..definitely going to do this if I end up just doing  a letter!

Magnet Cards….fun for the kids

Doily Stencil Cards

Pop-up Tree Card

Drying Mittens…cute and it’s not Martha Stewart!

Snow Globe Card…without the bow and add some…..well….glitter. Hard to believe I don’t even have any glitter, isn’t it!

Ribbon Ornament Card

Cut Work Felt Card….I think this would be cute as a Christmas card.

Snowy Day Card

Do you have any favorites? Please share….or come up with a new one and enter it in the tutorial contest.

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