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2 Weeks to a Clean House….

November 11, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I really, really like having a clean house when Thanksgiving rolls around. And lately, I’ve been so busy, the house has come last. So I’m going to attempt to get it back into shape by Thanksgiving. Feel free to join in. I’m planning on posting scary before photos and hopefully much better after pictures. I’m going to pick a room each day (or two for the really bad ones) and work like mad that day. You can work along with me, or pick your own rooms, however works best for you. Really, I’m doing this for me! But it never hurts to have someone to motivate you, right! So join in if you like, post pics, whatever you want, or just comment asking if I’ve been being good and getting stuff done!

My tentative schedule, subject to change for any reason and any whim:

12: Entry and Dining Room

13:  Pantry

14: Laundry & Porch

15: Kitchen

16: Kitchen

17: Living Room

18: Crafts/Sewing Room or Space

18: Crafts/Sewing Room or Space (hope yours is not this bad!)

19: Kid’s Bedroom (mostly the closet…fat chance of the rest staying clean until Thanksgiving!)

19: Master Bedroom

20: Master Bedroom

21: Attic (just enough to get to the Christmas stuff!)

22: I will be gone all day, so cleaning won’t be happening for me!

23: Bathrooms

24: Okay, so it’s not really 2 weeks..but don’t you think us American’s will be busy enough that day!

And just cause you’re not from the USA and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you get off easy! I bet some of you have messy houses too. I’ll have lists up each day with ideas of things to clean. Just in case you’re like me and get sidetracked easily. Happy Cleaning!


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