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Sick of me yet?…

November 5, 2009

okay, I know this will be a new record for me….I still have another post I need to do…and then I’ll probably disappear into the night and you won’t hear from me from a week! Hopefully not! Anyway, I just had to share a few things. Firstly, I started a Flickr group! I’ve wanted one for a long time. I don’t always get to see the cool and amazing things you’ve created from my tutorials! But I thought you need to be a “pro” on Flickr and I’m not. But I was wrong…yeah! So anyway, please post pics! Even if they are old! The more the merrier!

 Isn’t this hat is sooo cute! The doll isn’t bad either. 😉 Okay…that’s weird! I somehow was on her Etsy shop yesterday! Anyhoo, look at the cute stuff she has for sale!

I thought this is such a cute idea. I have lots of food in bulk in my pantry overflowing off the shelves in the garage. This would make it a lot cuter….too bad it wouldn’t organize it at the same time!

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