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Schedule: Day 3

April 4, 2009

Ok…..I don’t know what made me think I could post without at least one day delay! So here is the post for Friday. We don’t do a schedule on the weekends. There are still naps and church on Sunday, but other than that it is open to have fun, work on projects, etc.

We got off to a later start on Friday. We have Awana (a kid’s Bible club) on Thursday nights, which puts us to bed late and I was feeling lazy. I really felt like the schedule helped us to get back on track, though. You just have to make sure and be flexible. I think that is the main difference between this attempt and past ones. I don’t feel like our schedule is our master. That and making sure it is realistic and planning in lots of cushion time.

I thought I would share a couple helpful resources with you. One that has helped me a lot in the past is Flylady. I don’t really follow her program at all anymore, but she helped me to get a better handle on my housework. I tend to want to wait to clean until I can clean everything….which of course rarely comes. I’ve gotten better about just doing a quick sweep, throwing a load of laundry in, or other things you can do quickly as opposed to waiting to do a big cleaning. She has a lot of helpful advice and tips.

Another site that was recommended to me was Donna Young. She has lots of printable schedules, forms, grocery list, checklists, etc.  And it’s all free!
Someone asked how old my kids are. They are 6, 3, and 2. And yes, they are not always easy to get to bed that early. Our oldest is a great sleeper and usually is asleep first. Our other two have been more difficult to get to sleep. I don’t think it is so much the time as just a thing we’re going through right now.

If you know of any of websites that you think would be helpful, please share! I plan to set up a LINKY (if I can figure out how) so those who are wanting to improve your organization can help each other out! I think I’ll focus on ways to improve your food/cooking/grocery shopping, so sites, ideas, ect. related to that would be great.

I’ll leave you with a family funny, since I don’t talk about my kid’s too much here….adapted somewhat. 🙂
J: What animal are you bringing to Safari Animal night at Awana?
JJ: I’m bringing my bear!
J: You can’t bring a bear! That’s not a safari animal.
JJ: Yes it is! Bears live So Far away. So they are So-Fari animals!
Can’t argue with logic like that!

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  1. April 4, 2009 11:12 am

    heehee…love that logic!

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