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A Little Bit of Everything….

November 4, 2008

I thought about breaking this up into different post, but to be honest, I have a lot to do today and didn’t want to bother!

Yesterday, I got some sewing time in for the first time in almost a week and it felt good to make some progress. I was working on something new…very simple, but very cute (I think). I’ll post pictures soon, I hope. So yesterday, I was thankful for time to sew.

Today, I’m thankful that the campaigning will be done soon! Don’t get me wrong. I already voted and I’m very thankful for the chance to do that. I’ve just found this round of elections particularly draining and I’ll be glad when they’re over. Just make sure you get out and vote! And join us at Thankful for 30.

I don’t think I pointed out the new “Holiday Boutique” button over on the left. There are a bunch of ladies on Sewingmamas to buy from…make sure and check it out!

And there is a great giveaway here! Remember the camera strap tutorial? Win this and you won’t need to use that tutorial, because someone else will make one for you. 🙂 Hmmm….I like Erin….she even knows who to vote for. 😉

Late today and throughout the next couple weeks, I’ll be featuring some lovely Etsy shops. People have been so kind to do so for me and I thought I would return the favor. Some of the shops will be people I know and some are new to me…so make them feel welcome by checking out their shops and hearting them!

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