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Finally Back….

September 2, 2008

to posting. I’ve done a little sewing, but it’s been way too busy to post. No pictures of the sewing, though. It’s been that frustrating sewing, where you end up wishing you had just bit the bullet and either bought the completed item or at least the right materials to make it. I was attempting to make cloth pull-ups for my DS. We ran out of the disposable kind and my frugal self just couldn’t bear to pay the big bucks required to get more. Of course, I didn’t start making them until we were actually all out the disposable ones. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was trying to do this while I actually should have been getting ready for our camping trip. Mistake number three…..trying to make do. First, I made one out of flannel, because I have lots. But flannel is obviously not stretchy, so it made of a very poochy, hard to get on trainer (yes, I used elastic, FOE, but I couldn’t get it to gather all those layers effectively). I turned to knits next and made a very cute pair of underwear that is absolutely useless as a nighttime trainer. At least that pair is usable.

 Next, I decided to try another pattern, just using knits and making it sort of like a pocket, with a sewn in strip of knit inside to hold a soaker. This worked okay. But I only have one yard of PUL, so I was trying to cheap out and re-use some old velcro closing covers I had. By old, I mean my youngest sister used them when she was a baby (she’s 9!). I thought I would just sew the velcro down, so they could be pulled up and down for easy potty trips. But not only are they very hard to get up, since the elastic is shot, but they must not be waterproof anymore because he was wet when he woke up. Now I’m wishing I had just done it the right way in the first place!  Anyone have a maker of cloth pull-ups they love? I think I might just break down and buy them!

I’ll post pics later of the more fun stuff we’ve been doing this weekend. 🙂

Here are a couple great trainer patterns…it’s not their fault I didn’t use the right materials!:

Ditto Daddy

Easter Bunz

And here’s a wool one I plan on using:

Katrina’s Sew Quick Soaker

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  1. September 2, 2008 12:09 pm

    The skirt is adorable!
    Wow, you’re getting tomatoes late. But it was worth it for just the one…that’s a perfect-looking tomato! I bet it’s delicious. I got maybe 5 really small ones this year. I’m not very good at growing vegetables and am ever more grateful with each summer for farmstands, LOL!

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