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Birthday Projects

May 22, 2008

My middle son just celebrated his third birthday. Having made several things for his younger brother, I couldn’t leave him out. Though, honestly, of all my boys he’s probably the one who cares the least about things like that. Sadly, he has yet to wear his super-hero cape. He wouldn’t even try it on. Oh well! The crayon roll is getting good use though. My oldest, J, is very eager for one of his own.

Pardon the thread…I didn’t notice it until I uploaded the photo. The cape is self drafted…I found this tutorial after I made my first cape and it is very similar.

I used this fabulous tutorial to make my crayon roll.



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  1. May 22, 2008 8:02 pm

    Very cute cape…my 5 yo would love one of those!!

  2. May 23, 2008 6:09 am

    Love that cute cape!!
    Just wanted to answer your question about pleats – that was a little confusing. What I meant in the portion of the tutorial you asked about is that you make the pleats, pin them, and in that particular kind of pleating, sew the pleats from the top straight down, so you are sewing the pleat closed, in effect. And then halfway down, you reverse to lock your seam, pull your material out of your machine, and then put it back in except this time instead of sewing the pleat closed you are edge-stitching (or top-stitching) the pleat itself. This seems really confusing! The best thing is to get a visual – if you look at our blog, I posted a picture of the finished dress (the post is called Van Gogh dress, from last monday). Hopefully a picture will do a better job explaining than my lengthy words!
    Best of luck!!

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