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Let sleeping babies lie

March 13, 2008

Well, I was going to post pictures of my new mei tei. But alas, the card reader is in the office which is currently also serving as a bedroom for Happy Baby. So that will have to wait until tomorrow. As anyone who sews knows, when you start sewing something (purses, aprons, etc) more usually follow the first one. So it is with baby carriers. When I started out, I had no intentions of having a “stash”. I think my first one was a pouch carrier. Then came a mei tei. I didn’t love it and it later found a happy home with a friend, who does give it the love it deserves. Then, the soft structed carrier pictured below. And another pouch. Then a mei tei for another friend, this time a baby gift. Well, I was feeling left out of all this mei tei love, so I decided it was my turn. So now I have four carriers, with at least one in the works and maybe three (blush). If you’re interested in making your own, this is a fabulous tutorial. And check out the Baby Wearing Forum listed in my blog roll. You have to register, but it is a wealth of information. If you do give it a try, don’t say I didn’t warn you……it can be very addictive!

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