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Got to start somewhere….

January 25, 2008

Welcome! As a busy SAHM of 3 boys, 5, 2, and 10 months, my blogging time is few and far between to say the least. So I make no promises on how often I will be here! Right now, my 10 month old is sitting on my lap helping me type. This day started out late….my good intention is to get up with my husband (henceforth known  as DH) at 3:30! I know! Crazy! It’s nice though, because we get to have him home in the afternoon. Anyway, good intentions or not, I actually rose at 7. By the time muffins were made (should chocolate chips muffins even be called muffins?!) and eaten, kid’s dressed and baby nursed, it was time for school. This is our first official year of homeschooling. As a homeschool kid myself, I guess I should know what I’m doing, but it’s kind of intimidating to start the journey on the teaching side of things. Thankfully, my mom is just a phone call away (probably wishes she wasn’t some time!). It’s actually going quite well…’s very cool to see J. actually reading! Okay….maybe it’s just, “the bug said, “I can sing.”, but it’s still exciting. Ummm….I don’t really know how to punctuate that last sentence! Guess I’ll be working on grammar right alongside my kids.

To officially introduce myself, my name is Kristin. My three boys, I’ve mentioned above. J is 5, JJ is 2 (I know!…just trying to confuse everyone!), and Happy Baby is 10 months. My sweet husband works in computers. Thankfully, he is not a computer fiend. He is actually probably quite behind the times. He does keep my computer updated and running smoothly. In fact, he works on mine before he works on his. Isn’t he a sweetheart! 

I really started sewing when I was pregnant with my first child. I made him a quilt, which I’ve since done for each of our boys. My sewing was still very scarce back then. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I really didn’t like sewing at all! I know…gasp! I think I made two many attempts at clothes for me that ended up fitting my 12 year old sister instead. I’m not sure what really changed my mind about sewing. I think it might have been when I made a Soft Structured Carrier for the first time. 

Baby Carrier

It just looked so impressive (to me anyway). And I made it myself. No pattern. And no complete directions. So now here I am. With fabric threatening to take over our bedroom and a mini-sewing business up and running. My hope and plan is to be posting basic tutorials here for those of us who would like to learn some sewing skills or maybe just find out a new and easier way of doing things we already know. Stuff like, putting in zippers and snaps, hemming, and pleats. Nothing fancy or too earth shattering. Just the basics that when mastered, can make you capable of undertaking any sewing project you want. So stay tuned. I’m new to this blogging thing, but I hope to have one up soon, and hopefully a new one each week.

Fridays, however, will be devoted to another love….food! So check in each Friday for a recipe or two.

God bless and I’ll talk to you soon.


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  1. clothmama permalink
    February 10, 2008 9:44 pm

    Great work!

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